Monday, July 09, 2007

romance alive and well among minivan owners

This weekend Karl and Terry came to hang out with Aaron and me after attending the bit Mennonite conference in Abbotsford all week. We had fun!

When we were all done with our picnic and frisbee-throwing at the park in Steveston, we returned to our car. Right next to our car was a minivan, complete with a pair of white, upper-middle-class, thirty-something, heterosexual owners. They were leaning against it and sharing a very romantic and intimate kiss.

We slowed down as we approached our car in order to give them some time to finish up. They took all that time and then some. Eventually we just walked right up next to them and got into our car. As we were buckling up, the woman started giggling a bit, presumably embarrassed due to how silly they were being with other people so close by. As we drove away, we caught the husband's eye, and we gave him a big thumbs up! He grinned, and they both laughed, and it was all very cute.

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