Sunday, February 11, 2007

fun little old lady

There's this one saintly lady at my church. It took me awhile to realize how neat she is, because she has one of those deadpan-old-person faces. (At least it's not an angry-old-person face.) Her name is uber-Mennonite, so let's call her Mrs. Janzen.

Back in the summer when Robi and Rikki got engaged, Mrs. Janzen came up to me on a Sunday morning and congratulated me on my engagement. I explained that she had the wrong gal, and we both had a good laugh. She said that in her old age she had trouble keeping all the young people apart, and I said that in my young age I still had trouble keeping all the old people apart.

So today was baby Caleb's first day in church at 8 days old. (I guess I only alluded to his arrival in my recent quiz post...anyway, R&R's baby is here and he's healthy and his name is Caleb!) Mrs. Janzen nabbed me in the lobby after church today and said "Did you notice? I didn't congratulate you today!" I had forgotten about the engagement incident entirely, so we had ourselves another good laugh! I'm so glad when people can laugh at their own mistakes.


Elizabeth said...

Hurray for funny "old people"! AND! YAY!!!!!! For Robi and Rikki!

Karl said...

Happy Birthday!