Sunday, October 01, 2006

pipe cleaners

Yesterday I went to work on a Saturday because there was this "visioning day" with the board that I had to attend. It wasn't so bad as far as visioning days go. We got to use lots of post-it-notes of various sizes and many flourescent colours, as well as sharpies.

When I first walked into the room in the morning, I saw that there was a pez dispenser (with candy) on each table, as well as a jar of assorted pipe cleaners. I was curious about what sort of activity we might be doing with them. Half an hour into the sessions, the moderator man interrupted himself to say, "By the way, those pipe cleaners and pez and such are there to be used at your discretion. I find that pipe cleaners help the fidgety and creative among us sit through an entire day of this without getting bored or disinterested."

This, of course, made my day.

I picked a sparkly pink one that reminded me of fireworks, and I put it on my glasses to make them look all glam and cat-eye-style. Then I made a sparkly flower. Then I tried to make a frog, but it looked odd, so I turned the frog into a tumbleweed and all was well.

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Laura said...

Yeah sharpies and post-its!! At my office job there is a pen with postits that come out the side of it!! It is great entertainment!! But we don't have pipecleaners. I think I must look into that.