Tuesday, September 26, 2006

busy busy busy

Work is still good, but it is also busy. I hope to have more free time next week.

Right now the hardest thing is that I'm expected to help out once or twice a week at the after school programs for the kids, except that with 4 sites to go to I'll only get to each one once or twice per month. So, I have absolutly no "consistency" factor with the kids, and I'm feeling pretty lost as to how to manage them because I don't know what they're used to, what they're allowed to get away with, and what I should really keep an eye out for.

This kind of scares me, especially in terms of the one special needs kid that I'm supposed to babysit for about half an hour every Tuesday. His mom obviously does not censor ANY media that he has access to, so he swears profusely and knows more about sex than any child his age should (and believe me, he likes talking about it!). He's not really the type of kid you can reason with, and so I'm never quite sure if I should keep on insisting "no, that's not a word we use here," because that just draws his attention to that word so that he says it even more. The alternative is to give him the impression that he can say whatever he wants because I'll never say no to anything. So, I'm kind of frustrated because the way he talks about sex makes me really uncomfortable, almost like being around a dirty old man, except he's only 9 so it seems even dirtier. Bah.

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Elliot said...

You could use old-fashioned brutality and wash his mouth out with soap...