Wednesday, July 25, 2007

random spazzy angry people

Today we had a staff meeting over dinner in a restaurant. As we were chit-chatting and settling down, my boss Jo (female) made a light-hearted comment to a fellow staff member, "Ask and you shall receive...if you behave."

Enter random spazzy angry woman, seated at the table behind us. Let us call her PShAW (It's quite a funny acronym if you don't mind a P in place of an R). She says, "Excuse me, did you just say, 'Ask and you shall receive if you behave'??? I don't know if I can stay in the same restaurant as you!"

Several of us make small comments about how we were just joking. One of my more hot-headed colleagues may have come across slightly antagonistically.

PShAW says, "Excuse me, but do you know the twenty-third psalm? My mother just passed away!"

Hot-headed colleague answers without sarcasm, "I'm sorry for your loss." We settle back into our meeting. PShAW mutters under her breath, "'Ask and you shall receive if you behave'!" *more muttering*

We try to settle back into our meeting. PShAW calls over the waiter. "Excuse me, I would like to change tables please!" As she passes us, she says quite audibly to all, "I don't want to sit near chauvinists."

Throughout the course of our dinner meeting (which is quite long), PShAW leaves the restaurant for some time. She returns and is disgusted to see us still sitting there, and makes more antagonistic mutterings.

Finally, as we leave the restaurant, she is standing outside the door having a smoke. As Jo walks past, she says (audibly again), "There goes the witch. I hope all the grease goes straight to her ass."

And all this because of one rather innocent joking comment. We talked about her later, and we couldn't figure out if she was a Christian who was offended by a perceived mockery of a line of scripture, or if she was antagonistic towards Christianity and didn't want to be anywhere near someone quoting scripture in a public place. Nevermind the fact that her comments were all extremely disjointed and didn't make any sense. Chauvinists?! It was a woman who made the initial comment! And what does the twenty-third psalm have to do with anything? Thankfully we all had the wits to just keep our mouths shut and not quote it back at her.

I figure that either the loss of her mother was so recently painful that she was lashing out, or that she has some sort of personality disorder, or that she was just a normal person with major issues. My vote is with the personality disorder, I don't see how a normal angry person could come up with that crap.


Karl said...

Yeah my vote is with personality disorder too, that sounds pretty cracked. It's either that, or you were on some sort of hidden camera show, but you didn't react enough for the producers to bother keeping your footage.

Speaking of not reacting, it must've taken some serious self-control and maturity to not counter-attack after that abuse, way to go Deed and friends! I can't imagine anything productive coming out of starting an argument with her anyway.

Finally, I'm pretty sure it's "chauvinist", and although I enjoy the acronym "PShAW", I was under the impression "Random" started with an "R".

Diedre said...

Wow. I'm not sure what to say. Random DOES start with an R. How embarrassing...

Okay, let this be a post about how poorly my brain functions late at night. I posted that at about midnight. There, that's my excuse!

Elliot said...