Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yesterday I was told that I have 5 vacation days that I'm supposed to use before December 1st. Isn't that sweet? Normally I'm supposed to use my 4 weeks vacation before our new fiscal year (which begins in December), but the week of vacation that I've earned this fall will be hard to spend due to the busy nature of the season, so they may let me bank them for next year. How's that for a story of "news the boss gives you on a Monday morning?"

Also, I may have mentioned my work trip to New Jersey before...but here's the new plan: after our three days in Camden, NJ (Wednesday to Saturday morning), five of us are going to spend the rest of the long weekend in Philadelphia! Since we were flying from there anyway, all we have to spend is food & accomodations for our little vacation. Too bad Aaron can't come.

My job definitely has some perks, even if they're not financial!


annemarie said...

you could always use some vacays for when we come...

Diedre said...

waaay ahead of you on that one... =)