Tuesday, October 10, 2006

guest post by my mom

My mom likes reading my blog, particularly my people-watching posts, and so she has written a guest post for me on some people people-watching she did on the Toronto subway. Without further ado, here's my mom (her name is Laverna):

I'm on the subway to work, on a week day, my 10th day of work non-stop and counting (bleuwch!)...at Yonge & Bloor i spot a fishing pole in the periphery of my vision... a person has just gotten on to the subway, its 8:30 a.m. and the person (could be a man, woman or child - I never got to see the face of this person, but he/she had very small petite hands...) was clearly set for a day of fishing - he/she rummaged around in his/her various bags and I saw that this person was prepared for a picnic and cold weather - thermos, sushi, quilted vest were all re-stashed and re-organized. I oriented myself to a world of "other" - other than subway, metropolitan work-a-day mode and started to imagine..... imagine what kind of a day this person might be anticipating; sunny & cold, going to Humber River perhaps?.... anyway, I got off at St George station (having only shared a brief ride - 2 stops) with this "other world" person.... and felt happier as a result....

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Elliot said...

What a great little snippet!